Since 1993

About Us

Established in 1994, Hoshizaki Europe Limited is a leading manufacturer of commercial ice-making and ice-dispensing machines. Based in Telford, England, we supply the machines to related sales companies within the Hoshizaki Group, located in Europe, North America and Asia*

Placing reliability, durability and energy efficiency at the centre of the design process, generations of Hoshizaki engineers have helped us to build an international reputation for high quality, well-designed products.
We believe that innovative technology can transform business and change lives without compromising the environment and we pledge to cross frontiers and break boundaries in the pursuit of a sustainable future for our industry and for the benefit of the natural world.

We are committed to creating a sustainable future, serviced by pioneering, energy efficient equipment and supported by a global network of capable engineers.

Our objective is to supply high-quality sustainable equipment, aimed at satisfying the requirements of professional clients and applications, supplied competitively and supported by dedicated customer service.

* For more information about our related companies please visit the Hoshizaki Europe website.